mapSouth Africa is a country that is alive with possibility, world renowned for its breathtaking beauty and new democracy. But it is also a country ravaged by the effects of crime and HIV/AIDS.

Citrusdal is a small farming community in the Western Cape. It too is renowned for its beauty, with valleys of citrus trees nestled beneath the Cederberg Mountains. But this community is also showing signs and effects of poverty, alcoholism, crime and HIV/AIDS, and as such, is a microcosm of greater South Africa. As a small, farming community, Citrusdal is a place that differs vastly from city life - where one can be close to nature and further from the distractions that the city may offer. Citrusdal is one of the country’s largest exporters of citrus fruit, sending fruit all over the world. But, like many small towns, Citrusdal lacks the facilities and resources to effectively impact their community.

This inequality is a legacy of apartheid. It is a problem that exists in nearly all towns in South Africa, where there is a growing gap between the rich and poor. This inequality exists in terms of income, assets and levels of development - between black and white. And this inequality only results in increased levels of poverty and the vicious cycle is perpetuated - a cycle from which the poor cannot escape. South Africa, like Citrusdal, is a place of extremes - you will witness extreme beauty and affluence alongside poverty and squalor. And unfortunately, these problems and disadvantages are passed onto the youth as an unlucky inheritance. We want to counter this with opportunity and hope.