Our focus remains on programming and supporting individuals/groups that are an integral part to the wellbeing of Citrusdal, and who require support to continue in their roles of serving the community. We believe that the effects our programs and support schemes will result in long-term trust and commitment from the Citrusdal community for future HCP outreach.
Our main objective has been to develop and establish the facilities/recreation area on Philadelphia Farm, namely the Sports Field and Life Centre. Now completed, these facilities allow us so much more scope in terms of REACHING the surrounding farms and enable us to be more efficient in transforming our community. . 

The recreation area consists of the following:

  • Soccer Pitch - Local soccer and touch rugby leagues, school holiday programs, family BBQ’s, movie night, teambuilding activities, and community events.

  • Life Center – Kitchen facilities, restrooms/showers, multipurpose room.

  • Crèche – Provide a safe learning center for the local farm staff to leave their children while they are at work.

  • Borehole /Water well – There is no municipal water supply on the farm. Water supply is from natural springs or an underground supply. The borehole provides water to the Lifecenter, Crèche and caretakers house. It will also supply the field irrigation.

  • Camp Ground (Future) – Camping facilities for HCP programs, Citrusdal community, groups/organizations.

  • Outdoor Sports - Mountain biking and hiking.

The Life Center has become the beating heart of the organization. We want the building itself to be a shining light to all those around us in the community. We hope it will be a place of refuge, safety, learning and growing, where people come together. We have seen the amazing benefits of having a life center; we feel that we are making a greater impact in the community by having a designated space. .