We feel extremely grateful and blessed to have these amazing organizations partner with HCP.

Paardekop Primary School

Paardekop Primary School consists of 210 children; Grade R – Grade 6 (Kindergarten – 6th Grade). The school is located between HCP’s two farms Hebron and Philadelphia. Partnering with Paardekop is helping create intentional and sustainable relationships with the children, staff, and parents.

The Message Trust

The Message Trust conducts the HCP sport/fun days. They have recently designated their creative team to run the programming, so the Fun Days will now, not only include sports, but also dance and music. Through this holistic approach, we are providing important life skills, such as teamwork, good sportsmanship, coordination, leadership, etc.

Prison Break Ministries

We have recently partnered with Prison Break Ministries; they are an amazing organization with a heart for God. They approached us to utilize the LC to run programs for all of the youth in the Citrusdal area. They ran their first program at the LC in May of last year. The response was unbelievable, over 100 kids attended! Every program they run, the turn out is bigger and bigger! They have also asked if they could train Louise and Jennifer to become qualified leaders, so they will be equipped to continue running the youth programs.

Help Us Grow (H.U.G.)

H.U.G. is organization serving the community of Citrusdal, focusing on economic, social and community development. HCP works with HUG on an as needed basis to give support for them to continue their role in serving the community.

Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden at Hebron is flourishing under the supervision of founding member, Jenny Fulford and Augustine, a Malawian with green fingers. They are providing fresh and frozen ‘vegetable packs’ to those in need in the community. The Vegetable Garden also, generously donates their wonderful produce to HCP for community events.

Because our hope for changing the future lies in the hands of our younger generation.

Our programmes will uplift and empower our youth to become future leaders