South African statistics, highlighting some of the Issues facing the Community of Citrusdal:

  • Alcoholism
    South Africa has the highest alcohol consumption rates in Africa and one of the highest alcohol consumptions rates in the world with 11 liters per capita.
    - World Health Organization.

  • Alcohol related crimes (rape, assault, murder)
    A girl born in South Africa has a 1 in 3 chance of completing High School (Grade 12), but she has a 1 in 2 chance of being raped.
    - SA Government Statistics

  • Domestic Violence, Child Neglect
    76% of Domestic Violence in rural areas of South Africa was found to be alcohol related.
    - Medical Resource Council

  • Poverty
    In Citrusdal, 50% of all households earn less than R1999 per month (dollar equivalent)
    - Socioeconomic survey Cederberg LED Strategy 2007

    More than 50% of people in South Africa living below the poverty line. Living on less than $1.25 per day.
    - CIA World Fact book

  • Underage pregnancy
  • Unemployment
    33% unemployment rate
    - Cederberg Municipality

    Unemployment in Youth, ages 15-24: 51.5% country comparison to the world: 6
    - CIA World Fact book

  • Illiteracy, Low skill level
    29% of the population older than 14 years is illiterate
    - West Coast District Municipality

    14% have no education
    - West Coast District Municipality

    Only 11% finish Grade 12 (High School)
    - West Coast District Municipality

  • HIV
    HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate: 18.92% (2014 est.) country comparison to the world: 4
    - CIA World Fact book

    HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS: 6.83 million (2014 est.) country comparisons to the world: 1
    - CIA World Fact book

    HIV/AIDS - deaths: 138,400 (2014 est.) country comparisons to the world: 1
    - CIA World Fact book

  • No community outreach/activities


We choose not to be paralysed by the scary statistics that we are constantly bombarded with in this country. We REFUSE to succumb to apathy and fear. We choose to ACT, we choose to MOVE to make a difference. We choose to place more value in people’s lives than in statistics…

We stand AGAINST:

We stand FOR:
• Poverty, inequality and crime
• Child neglect and abuse
• Hope and equal opportunity
• Education and Development
• Healing and safety





As a public, non-profit organization, HCP has been established with the following objectives:

To offer hope, change and possibilities through educational, vocational and community programs that will provide encouragement for transformational development in Citrusdal, South Africa.

To provide programs for young men and women at risk, including: ex-prisoners, homeless, and disadvantaged, where they will be trained and equipped to positively and sustainably improve their lives in the future.

To provide temporary shelter and protection for children effected and affected by HIV/AIDS, domestic violence or neglect, with a focus on restoration and family reunification.


HCP strives to:

  • Fulfill our call.
  • Share our resources.
  • Encourage transformational development and hope in the community of Citrusdal.
  • Become self-sustainable through agriculture, education, and vocational training.
  • Uplift and empower women.
  • Provide opportunities and hope for the children of Citrusdal to become future leaders of South Africa.
  • Provide hands-on-help in a safe and loving environment.
  • Show God's grace, mercy, and love through our actions.
  • Be the light of Christ.