As HCP and the community of Citrusdal evolve and receive more funding, we hope to implement the following programs.

Young Men and Woman at Risk

Skills training – We will have opportunities for young men and woman to train in a trade and/or skill. Philadelphia (one of the two farms under the Hebron Community Projects umbrella) is a functioning farm, at present the farms harvests flowers and watermelons, with hopes in the future to harvest olive oil (olive trees), Rooibos Tea and fresh water fish.

The skills that will be taught on the farm will be:

  • Day-to-day operations of a farm
  • Farm Management
  • Marketing
  • Packing and Distributing

Leadership/Mentorship/Life skills programs - this program will teach the crucial elements of becoming a leaders and mentors not only in the community, but also at work and at home.

Empowering Woman Through Skills Training

Vegetable gardens -A pilot vegetable garden has been started on Hebron farm (one of the two farms under the Hebron Community Projects umbrella). Our goal with the vegetable garden project is to teach women how to plant, grow, maintain, and sell vegetables. The women will learn all about vegetable gardening. Once the basics have been learnt, they will be given a starter vegetable kit to be able to grow either at their home or utilizing a piece of land on Hebron farm. We feel empowering the women with the tools and knowledge to grow their own vegetables will not only give them a healthy source of food but also be a source of a potential income. This program will work hand and hand with our nutrition program.

Life Skills Training

Nutrition - High HIV rates and low income contribute to poor nutrition for most people in the Citrusdal community. We would like to have a variety of guest speakers and specific classes that will focus on good nutrition and ways the community can live and cook healthy meals with the little means that they have. The nutritional programs will work hand and hand with our vegetable garden project.

Child Development, Education and Care  

We hope to work with a social worker and HIV specialist to offer courses to women focusing on child development, caring for themselves and their children, and HIV awareness. The women will learn basic child development skills, basic CPR, First Aid, and ways to prevent their babies from contracting HIV.


Our vision and hopes for HCP seem at times to be overwhelmingly beyond possibility. But we serve the God of the impossible. Our intention is never for this to be a project that exists on paper, highlighting numbers and statistics. Our heart is for people. We are constantly encouraged by seeing the faces of the real people in the community who have been positively impacted by HCP programs, and galvanized further by the faces of those still in need. With the correct partnerships and funding, we can continue to exist as a source of hope and as a tool of change for those men, women and children who have lost the will to hope for a better future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope it moves you to support us…whether it is physically, financially or prayerfully.