IMG-20130827-00136Philadelphia Farming , growers of export flowers, has made a commitment to support Hebron Community Projects (HCP). Not only has Philadelphia Farming donated land for HCP to use for infrastructural developments and future programs, but it will also be donating 10% of the sales profits from each carton of flowers produced and sold on the farm. This will be known as ‘the carton initiative.’

Philadelphia farming is intricately linked with HCP, and wholeheartedly supports the vision for change in the community. Not only will the farm provide financial support to HCP, but also an integral partner in the programs and activities run in the local community. This is just a small way in which the farm looks to give back to the community. By purchasing products from Philadelphia Farming, you could be making a difference in the small community of Citrusdal, South Africa.

For more information on the carton initiative, please contact HCP directly or the farm on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.