Vision Statement

Our calling is to restore hope, encourage change and create possibilities in the Community of Citrusdal, South Africa.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give HOPE for transformational development in the community of Citrusdal, South Africa, by providing assistance that is both restorative and sustainable.


Hebron Community Projects is a non-profit organisation and a catalyst for positive change in South African society. Our projects have been developed specifically to give struggling youth and the Community of Citrusdal the opportunity to reclaim some of what has been lost in their lives. Hebron and Philadelphia are two pieces of farm-land in Citrusdal, in the Western Cape of South Africa, that were purchased some years ago under the New Jerusalem Trust with the hope of using the land for the purpose of healing and transforming lives.

Uplifting the community and encouraging transformational development remain the key elements to our vision at HCP. Our focus will be on providing programs and facilities that will allow for qualified personnel to counsel, teach, train, disciple and provide a safe haven for the community of Citrusdal.

We are a group of very different individuals brought together by a common vision and purpose – to offer REFUGE and HOPE to the struggling community of Citrusdal, with a specific focus on youth.